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In my opinion it's not worth fretting about where a vehicle is made anymore - just how nice the end product is.
Yes, but where the vehicle is made can still be a pretty good indication of how nice it is going to be - especially after it's been used for a couple of years. Some examples:

- Honda makes their CBR250R in Thailand and in India. Those made in Thailand have been pretty good. those made in India are of much poorer quality.

- SYM is a Taiwanese brand, but they actually manufacture some of their models in mainland China (as does Kymco for that matter). Until very recently, our dealers offered 4 year warranty on models made in Taiwan, but only half of that on those made in China. Clearly, they themselves don't have the same confidence in both!

- Honda's old CB250 (parallel twin) was made in Japan and was practically indestructible. It was finally replaced by another CB250, this one a single that was made in Brazil. It was nowhere near as reliable and lasting as the original one.
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