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Might get a Ural

So I'm thinking I might get a Ural. I'm thinking this because I took my wife on a test ride during bike week and we rode a harley trike. She loved it. She said she felt so stable on it. She wasn't worried at all and was able to completely concentrate on the ride. I was a little shocked. I use to ride three wheelers off road and they were fun. The trike was fun because it was different I guess. I really like being able to go offroad though. I looked around for a two wheel drive, offroad kit or trike bike and had no luck(they all seemed more of a one wheel turning at time thing). I'm not sure I really want a trike anyway. I've known about Ural a long time and always found them interesting. My current bike is a technological mess(aprilia rxv). I would like something a lot less advanced. I've actually read a lot of the threads on here( even the why not to get one thread) and I actually feel more inclined to get one as more people reported no problems then did. It seems like the new ones have no known problems and the company is helpful. The website and its warranty info scared me a little. If I take this bike offroad is the company going to make me pay for parts that break? The part where it said it didnt cover these things( look below).What exactly is "owner abuse"? Is this more a legal thing and they are actually a lot more understanding? I'm also worried because I weigh 275. The bikes can only handle 600 lbs including rider according to website. My dog weighs over 100lbs(her dog weighs 15 lbs). Add my wife and all our gear/stuff I feel like carrying and I'll be close to that upper limit.
When I ride by myself I like to ride aggressive offroad. If I ride like they do in the Ural military video( I'm assuming every one of you has seen it "jumps and all") am I going to break the bike because I'm heavier then normal guy? It seems like a tuff bike and hard to break. A lot more so then other modern bikes(maybe I'm worng). Those are the things I worry about, that and missing riding a solo bike. I have never actually rode a sidecar bike. I figure I'll start there and if I like them( I liked the trike enough, doubt I dont like sidecars) I'll try and drive a ural.

Lack of required maintenance(not worried)
Owner abuse (little worried what this means)
Accident and/or collision (obviously)
Misuse (again what is this)
Normal wear (what is normal)
Neglect (understandable)
Improper installation (might get help if I install anything)
Unsuitable use in an application for which the part was not designed (shouldnt be a problem)
The incorporation or use of unsuitable attachments or parts ( not worried)
The unauthorized alteration of any part or system ( I'm assuming engine mod here)
Deterioration from the elements ( so if it rusts through I'm screwed right?)
Failure to follow running-in (break-in) procedure ( Can someone post this for me, so I know what to expect)

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