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the Huey in AUS
the number 277 on the side indicates that its used mainly for fire fighting with a bambi bucket set up. For some reason they have all the aircraft fire fighting have numbers on them - I dont know why.

its on high skids and has a hook - so it would use a bambi bucket, the skids are not heigh enough really to use a tank underneath - it may fit but I don't know.

Its also a single so in the restricted category.

I beleive the fire contracts to be quite lucrative - have never been involved in them and my company doesn't do them either.

if you put a good paint job on any aircraft, keep it clean and hangared, its going to look REAL good for a long time. Ours, we work them, they don't live in hangers - most only see a hangar when they come in for maintenance. Sure Rotors are not cheap, but on the right contracts and low overheads, they a can make a $$$

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