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We have a new scoring Nazi! I really watched the second one and he kept a nice flow the whole time. I would give up the ability to stop, to see the rider with no ability lose the all day dab! Bring back the proper point spread in trials and see who is a rider and who used the rules to mask his flaws.
Bottom line , more dabs and ten times the fives for those riding the wrong class! Bring it on.
What about the 1st video? He "probably" stopped a couple of times, didn't he? Is he proclaiming these video's are strictly no stop? I "think" he stopped at the top of the rock a couple of times. I definitely would not have given him a 5 for the 2nd video. Scoring issues are one of the biggest detractors of no stop for me. I don't go to or put on a trials to argue with people. Something needs to be addressed there to make this less subjective and take the pressure off the club observers and improve scoring consistency.

At 1st, I thought the British were nuts for going to both stop and no stop for 2013. Now, I think that they may just be on to something there. Maybe that is the best way to attract all the possible riders to the sport - pick your poison. The clubs who have access to SSDT type terrain can run no stop and the clubs that don't can run a Modern event in a wide variety of smaller venues. It will be interesting to see the resulting numbers from both.

I know I have a definite preference for the simple stop allowed with a 90 second time limit style event, but would have to say that ANY very well run (and well laid out sections) trials would be OK with me. It boils down to the fact that I would rather have more choices than fewer.
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