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Originally Posted by Dracothius View Post
So I'm guessing this is a case of TL/DR. Basically wife and I rode a trike and she liked it. I think a sidecar( a Ural to be exact) is the way to go. I like offroading a lot. I'm worried that because I'm 275lbs I will break the bike riding it hard offroad. I also am worried that Ural wil not cover parts if they break when I am offroad. Are either of these valid concerns?
The bike breaking? Yes.

Ural not covering a part if it's under warranty? No.

New ones seem to be better and like you said, I'm reading about fewer people having problems. But I don't think your weight would be a contributing factor to anything. Those bikes were designed for military use, hauling around two or three people, machineguns, missile launchers, gear, ammo, etc. If you've watched any of those old videos on Youtube, you'd see that. So you being 275 pounds really wouldn't be a concern.

If you haven't already done so, I'd start doing a LOT of reading on this board,, and before dropping the money. I'm not going to go into known issues, limitations, etc. - there are too many threads on this board and other boards to start back in on them here (look at "should I buy a Ural" and other assorted threads that are still on the front page of this forum for starts). Just do a search on here for "Ural" and start reading. Do your research on them, understand their limitations, weak and strong points, and then make your decision either way.
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