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Originally Posted by kdscoates View Post
I pulled Jerome out from under one our company trucks at a KFC in atl in the middle of the day while he was cutting the converter out of a truck. I kicked him oops I mean I tripped and hit his balls damnest thing I tripped twice and then the atl police showed and took him to jail and the fucked up part there is it still cost my company and now the citizens of atl money!!
If I could have been judge and jury I could of saved the citizens of the atl alot of money

Pete I agree I would actually sleep better!!
Those KFC parking lots can be slippery with all the grease from the chicken. I can see how you could possibly trip over and over and over again.

The recent average response time by Atlanta police to an emergency call is over 11 minutes. I've found the response time of a Glock 17 to be somewhat faster.
You might be a KLR owner if:

You think mud is a good paint protector
Winterizing just means putting a tarp over it till tomorrow
You hit Home Depot and Tractor Supply for parts before you go to the motorcycle shop.
Every time you look at anything square shaped you think "Could that be a pannier?"
You like humvees and hate H2's
You've gone into an Army Surplus store to look for riding gear.

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