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laser, that's my main beef. . We can't seem to set an event at any kind of a consistent level and we have kids scoring the afternoon Little kids with zero scoring experience. If we are lucky, we get a non-riding wife out there to help.
Until we can set a trials where a rider has an idea of what he will be up against our club participation will continue to dwindle.
No one wants to ride a good event, then show up at the next one and have riders from higher classes moving down because of the danger. Or worse, have some lower class riders do well at one event and then be physically reduced to tears at the next (while requiring spotters in Amature).
Or how about guys traveling from out of state to compete only to find that ther class has a few local sand-baggers who have no business being in that class ther than chasing a fukking year end jacket. Just think what it would do to send that guy back home on his 200 mile drive with a medal (or knowing that he had a chance).
I'm a glutton for punishment and keep coming back-fun or no fun. New riders and young kids will not and have not. I know of what I speak. I have a daughter that is a natural athlete and went from sport to sport growing up. She excelled at all of them but the minute it became no fun, she quit and went to a new one. We can't afford to lose even one new rider in our club.
No stop and the recent can't touch the gate rules will only complicate the scoring and make the riding "appear" lamer.

...........and.......we have the current #2 woman rider in the nation riding with us. She rode the TdN and I'm sure is going back next year. Are we (as a club) not helping her if we don't set no-stop thus year and she has no time at it before the nex TdN. She is already riding differnt rules at nationals compared to us-the gate rule This is a good example of what not having consistent rules throughout the sport can do. What a mess.
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