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Originally Posted by KilLeR Kawasaki View Post
I see people taking acceptable bikes and make them look ridiculous and compromise their very structure and ride-ability. I see monkeys (Orange County Cycles) building loathsome homages to some bar-cruiser's ego. All this, I don't get. I like thinking about scores of Japanese (German, Austrian, Italian, English, etc) engineers working long into the night making my off the shelf bike the very best they can. Bobbers and Choppers are just beyond me.
Because you aren't seeing the reality of most chopper/bobbers and the scene around it. It isn't $60k chromed out garage queens. It's guys buying a wrecked mess or a basket case for $200 and making into a street legal driver for under $1k in their own garage with their own tools. It isn't about someone else engineering the perfect motorcycle, it is about you engineering the best motorcycle you can build for yourself. Sure, some guys are great at it, and people are willing to pay them to build bikes, but the heart of the scene is the self-built daily driver.

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