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Originally Posted by Joey Stalin View Post
If you all promise to get along together again and have a good laugh, I will come forward. Otherwise, I'm going to go back into hiding.

Alright, well it appears that my little prank to create some friendly cross border rivalry, while generating some interest in the NWVA tag game (where all the GOOD riding is), has gone to hell in a hand basket, and quickly! Things have not played out as I expected them to, I leave this thread for a day and now everyone hates each other. So yes, to quell the misguided accusations of who did what, I switched the tags on Friday. If things had worked out into a friendly rivalry across the regions, I would've been content to never reveal my secret and it would have passed into Virginia tag lore and be something to joke about in the future. Instead I've flared up a lot of negative emotions. And that was never my intention, no malice intended.

Maybe we can set up a Versailles at the border of the two regions and have a peace accord. Or just dump the toys and run, like a body bag being rolled from the back of a black limousine.

now thats funny.......
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