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Originally Posted by 5punksdad View Post
I should stop readying these replies........because every time I do I see more conflicting statements.

you claim to have hurried the next tag to salvage a nice weekend. Thats a great reason! However, on Sat 11-10-12 (a beautiful day) you claim to have made the grab at 9am yet you waited until 3:20pm (I previously said 1:20, my mistake) to post it up. Claiming you went shopping and to lunch and on an african safari (joke inserted)........
Quibble all you like, 5punksdad; I LEFT for the grab at about 9:00 a.m. on Saturday; I didn't post until 3:20 p.m. because--for all I knew it was a BRUCE! If I had been Bruced, there was no urgency in reporting; I fully expected to see a later tag up with images and clues, as happens with legitimate Brucing situations.

The rubber duck came with no passport nor pedigree. A difficult concept to convey, apparently, but--I did not know the rubber duck was a mascot when I found it; didn't know what to make of it. The absence of a subsequent tag indicated to me, our mascot was lost (again), and I tagged with a substitute.

So, if you think your critique of my timeline justifies your actions and attitude, you're welcome to that self-justification. You must need SOMETHING.

Joey Stalin's prank may have wrongly assumed everyone would recognize the antlered duck as the NWVa mascot. Until you uncovered Ali, that fact was not in evidence.
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