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Yesterdays Ride

We had what is probably the last or one of the last nice days for 2012 on Monday 11/12/12 here in Central NY. High of 68F, that's around 20F above normal.

As I'm on winter layoff from work decided I had to make use of this weather. What started as a short ride of maybe 15 miles ended up closer to 60 miles. After riding for around 10 miles decided I should stop and get gas as the Sportster was at about 60 miles on the tank and I don't like letting it set too long close to empty. As I was sticky to mostly secondary or less roads I ended up going another 20 miles to fill up the tank.

The only slight down side to this nice weather was the strong cross winds. There were a couple times I felt the need to back off coming around some right hand curves as I was worried I'd be pushed off the left side of the road.

At this point I was around 25 mile from home. Decided to take some less traveled roads and came upon on that looked interesting. It was a narrow but paved road. About one mile down this road saw a sign that said "Road not plowed or sanded beyond this point". No problem I didn't think I would see snow at 68. Short distance later pavement ended as road headed up a somewhat steep narrow path with small stream on both sides at times. A little further and I noticed that there was grass growing between the two tracks. Then I come to top of a rise and find the tracks also are covered with grass and I'm looking at woods and a grassy field. As it's deer hunting season here I decide I'd better turn around and head back to pavement.

Once back to pavement I ride a couple more miles and see another road off the the left(west, that's toward home). So I take that one. It's another narrow but paved road. At the top of a small hill I come upon a kid riding a bicycle in the middle of the road. He just looks over his left shoulder and keep peddling. I ride on past and then a short distance later see a sign that says "DEAD END". This time however there is a gravel road off to the right that has a stop sign at then end. I figure if they felt the need to put the sign there there must be some traffic. Turns out I was right and a couple miles later the gravel turn to almost pavement then an intersection with a road with painted lines down the center.

At this point I had a good idea of where I was and sure enough when I got to the top of the first hill I could see Otisco Lake, just one lake east of Skaneateles which is 5 miles south of my house. I took and almost direct route from there to home.

All together a good day that would have been even better if my wife had been riding in the sidecar but as fate would have it she was half way across the state keeping her dad company in the hospital while I was more or less staying home taking care of our dogs and doing chores around the house.
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