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Originally Posted by chasmahtaz View Post
Hi, all ... Been on the boards for almost three hours, reading, really great stuff on here. I'm curious about the regular vs. XC debate. I'm very tall, almost 6'5" and I noticed the XC fits me better. I looked at T800s when they first hit the dealerships over a year ago and even test rode the non-XC version. It was awesome. Even handled well on chewed up LA highways :) I'm curious about rider's experiences on both. I'm thinking the non-XC version is the one for me, I guess it's a bonus that it's a bit cheaper. I want a nice touring road bike that can sometimes handle a fire road or the like.

Reading all your great posts on the XC are making me re-think this. I feel like you buy a bike this expensive it better be the one you want!

Also, was amazed to find a 2013 T800 version is $12,400 before taxes, title and fees. The dealership in Covina is charging for assembly and freight. I mentioned that was pretty steep. He didn't seem to think so in the least. I didn't feel like mixing it up with him, though, as I'm still contemplating the investment. I will start leaning on him and turn up the negotiations once I'm confident I want to buy.

Welcome to ADV. This should help...
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