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So I've decided that I want an adventure tourer for my next bike, and have found myself poring over all the Tiger threads here. I have read several articles, seen many videos, etc. of the 800 xc, and I'm really, really digging on everything I see. It really does seem like it's the best bike for me for what I have in mind. Probably my biggest complaint is that since the bikes are so new, and everyone seems to love them so much, I haven't seen any on the used market. I've been trying to put any ideas of getting one on hold while I try to scrimp and save a bit, since it appears I'm going to have to get one new.

BUT, this being the end of the model year, I emailed my local dealership just to see if there was any discount for the 2012 models. As it turned out, they had 2 2012 demo bikes in stock, one for $10k, and one for $11k--still not cheap, but as far as I can see, its about the only time you can expect to pay under MSRP with these bikes. I went for a test ride over the weekend, and though the ride was short, I found it highly enjoyable. I put down a deposit to get my foot in the door so I could think it over a bit.

So here I am a couple days later, and its pretty much all I can think about. I'm wondering though, what people's opinions/experiences are with demo bikes? The bike seemed fine for what I got to experience, and it comes with a full 2 year warranty on it. It had about 2200 on the clock I believe, and apparently it was used by a guy from Triumph corporate to do a road trip to see a couple Iron Maiden shows and then sold to the dealership.

Before this weekend, I'd pretty much accepted that I'd have to wait until next year some time to pick one of these up, but I'm sorely tempted to pull the trigger on this, since it seems like it'd be unlikely I'd see a similar deal until this time next year. I dunno, maybe I'm mistaken in that though. Thoughts?
You should be able to get a 2012 brand new, not a demo< in another month for over $2000 off MSRP. I got $2100 off mine + any add ons I wanted at cost for six months after purchase. A year later, I'm still getting a major discount on anything I buy
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