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Originally Posted by lineaway View Post
Okay Gordy you have had the bike long enough, spill the beans on the likes and dislikes!
Still getting used to it, but overall, I think it rocks!

I have only had a few trials bikes and have only ridden a few others so my review is very limited.

The fit and overall build quality is outstanding.

The bike seems to balance much better than my GasGas. I don't know why, but stationary balance and overall balance is excellent.

The TRP shock is incredible.
They set it up for my weight and how I told them I ride and it works great. I haven't adjusted anything on it yet.
It soaks up the little trash and drop offs are soft. It seems to find traction on choppy ups real well too, but that could be the overall bike.

The turning radius is ridiculous. If there is any front wheel traction, and you can turn the bars full lock, it will turn tighter than anything that I have ridden. In soft conditions, the over-center steering stops will allow the front to tuck but that is entirely up to the rider. The Beta should improve scores if for no other reason than this.

The motor is really nice. I have only dropped the needle and the jetting seems to be close. I want to try some different pilots to see how that affects the bottom but it is pretty damn close right now. No complaints.
It has a nice quick (but linear) hit off of the bottom and a powerfull, torquey pull into the mid-range. I think it is much better for my riding than the GasGas 280 that I am coming off of.
Lots of compression and the left hand kick-start was kicking my ass for a while. I am getting more used to it and can now start it with either the left foot or by getting of and using my right foot. I used to think that the left hand kickstart would be a deal breaker for me, but it really is not bad at all.
Try starting a 400 CZ.

No leaks or drips. The Kehein carb works nice and doesn't leak or weep.

The clutch; I went for the up-graded clutch and it is pretty sweet. It has a much harder lever action than I am used to but I think that is part of the deal. It feels very consistent, has great feel and will snap when you want it to. The stiff lever action is taking some time to get used to though.

The forks; They seem to be very good. I went up one on the fork springs, (I weigh right at 180#). Action is very lively but plush on big hits. I am using the full stroke so I believe that the spring selection is good.

Overall, the suspension is tight but plush. It has a very comfortable ride. Loops are way more enjoyable.

If I was a better rider, I could give a better review, but I hope this gives you an idea of what I am experiencing so far.
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