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Covina, CA?

You should be able to get an XC out the door for no more than $13,000. That's leaving the dealer plenty of profit (over $1,000) If you negotiate hard, you can go even lower.

I got my XC July 1 for $12,900 OTD, all in. I added sump guard, engine guards, and centerstand at 15% off, added them to the deal, sign and drive, no pain, $262 per month X 60. Didn't even negotiate - that was the deal they presented, was good enough for me to jump in. I like the dealer to make some money on them. I don't care to beat them down to cost, makes you look like a penny-pinching cheap-ass. Instead I'm a preferred customer and get the royal treatment everytime I walk in there.

I do all my own service. First oil change at 250, again at 1400 to full synthetic.

I think you can buy a new car for that. Oh well, wouldn't be nearly as much fun as the Tiger.
Funny, wifey just leased a new Mercedes coupe and the payments aren't even a hundred dollars more.
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