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Originally Posted by Switchblade315 View Post
had a few games last night where the Tiger 2 took over 20 hits, and not from small tanks ether. Mambo Dave if you'd like I'll get you the game file so you can see the angles i was using. One of the games I was playing scout and holding a side on karelia. could I have been flanked, yes but for them to flank me it opened them up to my whole team.

I've been not playing for two days... the fastest way for me to get burnt out on WoT is ... playing WoT nightly, for two accounts, for the x5 XP (twice in... was it two weeks?). I've done a ton of grinding as of late, and while I guess the win-to-loss ratio wasn't too bad, there was a marked change in my play style in games I was playing with clan mates. It was so bad that I excused myself and haven't played since. I may force myself to not play for while longer now just to take a break.
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