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Originally Posted by MotoJ View Post
I want to relate an incident that happened to me yesterday afternoon at the intersection of Belair Road and Erdman Ave, Northeastern District, Baltimore City.

I was driving my sidecar rig home from work about 4:30 yesterday afternoon, heading North on Erdman. When I stopped at the Bel Air red light intersection, I was accosted by kids from the bus stop, who jumped in and on the sidecar, ripped the tonneau cover, punched me in the back of the helmet, and blocked my path as I tried to get away. Most of the kids at the bus stop were middle schoolers in the khaki pants/sweater city uniform, but the kids actually laying hands on me were older teenagers in plainclothes.

I hit the horn and gunned the motor and they got out of my way, but I was pelted by trash and soda cans as I maneuvered around the car in front of me, and I almost got hit by traffic heading east on Belair as I made the right onto Belair myself. One kid was still on the back of the sidecar and jumped off when I hit the gas.

Luckily this was all being monitored in real time by an officer manning the intersection camera. Squad cars showed up moments after I left the scene, and two arrests were made.

I almost didn't bother calling it in, figuring nothing would happen if I did, but after I calmed down, I called. The police recognized my story right away, and were very happy I reported the incident, so they could charge the two they had in custody. Evidently BCPD has been watching that corner for awhile. The officer told me that realistically, not much might happen to these kids, but because I came forward they will be in the system, and next time they get nicked (and they will) something will stick.

I have no doubt if they had dragged me off they would have tried to drive away on the rig, and maybe stomped me, too. I'm doubly sure if I had been riding my little 250 dual sport solo I would have been toast. So, moral of my story: beware of large groups while on your bike, always plan an escape route in the back of your mind, and definitely report it if you have a problem.
Sadly that is not the first story of that type I have heard in the Baltimore area. I have family in the area one is in law enforcement (Federal) he has told me of at least 2 cases where Bikes were stolen when 3 or more people aproached a rider and pulled him off the bike while another rides off on the bike. They were adults and not kids though. Still....

Glad you are not injuried and did file a report.

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