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It seems like every bike has some botched up repair job from a previous owner. While I'm working on removing the stain from the speedo plastic, does anyone know to remove this? It appears to be some type of cement holding the bottom of the fairing to the mount. The key is to remove it without damaging the rest of the plastic. I used a grinder to grind it down a lot, but I still have this blocking me from mounting the plastic air guide. I was hoping some kind of solution soak would dissolve it, but not remove the paint from the fairing. If not I suppose I can leave it there and just drill a hole through it. But if something will remove it that would be great, because the previous owner also decided to use this all over the carb to stop a leak. I already installed a brand new XR650 carb, but I still have the old carb, and I'd still like to get it off. I'm also thinking I might find this elsewhere on the bike.

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