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Originally Posted by jon_l View Post
Ride report, or some more pics coming?

How did the WRX do jckid?

Did you miss the larger displacement?
Motorcycle riding wasn't the focus of this trip, so no real ride report and that was the only pic I got of the WR. We did get to ride 3 days out of 8 though. My better 1/2 brought his X-Country & my dad his Suzuki 800 Intruder. With the cruiser in the mix, that meant pavement. We rode to Las Vegas & spent the night, and stopped by China Ranch on our return trip. That's where the pic was taken. I'm still running the stock X tires, and they are fine in dirt as long as you're going in a straight line. They can be squirrly when turning. I'm getting Distanzias soon which should help. We also rode up to Dante's View.

Overall I'm pretty happy with the WR and don't really miss my Husky too much. I did love the extra power it had, and it was less effected by wind since it was heavier, but I feel more comfortable on the WR. We don't ride fast anyway, so it has enough power. I was feeling a bit puny being on a 250 in the middle of really heavy traffic on I-15 in Vegas though!

Once I finish getting the WR all set up, it should be great for traveling. I have an appointment with Renazco to have the seat done in January, I'll get my tires soon, and may switch to a larger saddlebag setup w/Rotopax mount. I also need to get the clutch adjustment dialed in. I'm on the fence about getting R wheels. That was my original plan, but for now I'm going to keep my KLX. I think the WR is a better bike, but the low end grunt of the KLX works better for me in the dirt. The WR will be used for traveling, and we usually don't do more than fire roads on trips, and I've found that the Distanzia's work pretty good for that.
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