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Far from an expert here but you mention this is a new "fear", have you considered why it may have developed?
At the begining of the year I had a bit of an accident on the 640, lost the rear on a 120km/h sweeper and bounced around the road a bit. Once recovered, I had a lot of trouble commiting to right hand corners and it took me a day on a track to go from "arms locked on bars / upright stance" to being able to hang off the bike and drop into corners, two months later and I am still nervous of right handers and have to think myself into commitment.
I suppose my point is that I don't think it's a case of "suck it up", more a case of re-learn your skills / overcome your fears, and then get on with enjoying it. I don't have any real suggestions of how you do this other than to start back at easy levels and work up to harder (more fear generating) exercises.
Something else to consider, as we age we tend to get more cautious, we do realise accidents hurt more and recovery is longer, maybe it's a bit of natural caution? I know that at 56 I am less likely to do some stuff that my 25 year old son thinks nothing of, there is no dishonour in holding the beer and watching!

Hope that helps.
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