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If your not shy with a wrench, and don't expect a new bike to never have issues, I'd say jump in. IMZ does have a great warranty program, and as long as you are not one of those "I need to have it right now" kind of people, they do well.

They are well built (and rebuildable) machines. Pay attention to it, take care of it (mechanically) and it'll keep going. Don't worry about the weight. Many things may break on a Ural, but I wouldn't count on the frame being one of them.

Speed is the thing that I think people really have a hard part with. Everyone says "I like to do offroad", but never talks about the 20-80 miles it may take to get to said offroad place. As long as your comfortable whirring along at 55mph, it'll be fun. If your expecting to blast down the freeway everywhere at 65 or 70mph all the time, look elsewhere.

IMHO, Ural's tend to be great machines to use when time is not a factor.
Buy it, use it, break it, fix it.
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