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Three inmates get done by Cornerspin

Story goes like this: A while back a few inmates were talking about taking Cornerspin. We weren't thinking about the road racing application, mostly we were interested in being better dirt road riders. We all ride pigs, GS's, GSA's, KTM 990's, Tigers, et al. What we wanted to do was ride them better... faster... keep up with our buddies with the thumpers on our forays into the GW forest.

For me, life happened. My wife decided it was time to have a baby, time to remodel our upstairs bathroom, and time to buy a minivan. All costly endeavors. I quickly had to bow out of the Cornerspin commitment. Unbeknownst to me, macorell24, best man at my wedding and friend for well over 15 years, took it upon himself to get together with a group of inmates and pitch in to buy my ticket to cornerspin. I can't say enough about what he and the rest of the SMARs, BWDRs, CatHerders, and SMIBs did for me.

I got something in my eye.

The date was set, it was to be the weekend of November 10-11. Life happened once more, but this time is was other participants that were affected:

Blaster, aka Bruce had quite the mishap in the end of September, just a month and half prior to the class. He, his wife Dorito (Dana) and joints4sale (Erik) decided to hold off until Spring when Bruce has fully recovered.

So the participants would be myself, macorell24 (Matt) and littlelionmonster (Paul), along with 9 other dudes whom we had never met.



More to follow.
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