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Originally Posted by NJ-Brett View Post
I abuse my TU250 every time I ride it.
Red line is at 9500 rpm where the rev limiter kicks in, and I often bounce off that, and normal operation has the motor at high rpms wide open throttle for long runs.
15,000 miles so far and it runs better then ever.
I never had a bike I would not take to red line often, even old ones, and I never blew one up or had one wear out quickly.
I do tend to change the oil in my bikes often though.
A friend of mine bought a brand new TU200 (2009 I think?), figuring he would save lots of money commuting on the highway. He pinned the thing everywhere he went, and kept the oil changed as suggested. After the dealer replaced the second motor under warranty, they told him they would no longer cover the bike if he rode it on the highway. He may have had bad luck, but there always has to be at least one cautionary anecdote, right?

Most likely the bike will be fine, but I do think internal combustion engines wear out faster when ridden like that. I would recommend going one or two teeth smaller on the rear sprocket the next time you get a new chain, and using top grade motor oil. Cheap Walmart oil will get you into trouble running the bike like that.
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