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So Matt had done the dirty work of procuring permission from my wife for me to attend the class. He came down from his place in DC Friday to load up the adventure mobile, aka the wife's Camry.

Then my lovely wife and 3 month old daughter saw us off:

GPS said it would be a 5 hour drive to Spencer, NC. We pulled off sometime around 3:00, hoping to be there before 9:00. The trip was down was uneventful. Matt and I had enough driving misadventures in college, so something a bit more mundane was well received (by me at least). We did stop for gas... and this:

A number of years ago and Matt and I would have happily detoured in to whatever dive this was. Sadly there is no story to accompany the picture.

We met up with Paul at the hotel at around 8:30 where we promptly encountered toilet problems:

A fitful night sleep would see us all waking around 6:00, anxious to get to class. It was just north of freezing when we left the hotel and we arrived about 45 minutes early. The instructors opened the gates... and the trailer. Our steeds:

After meeting the instructors, Aaron Stevenson, Jamie Ray, Tim Matter, Joe, and Jamie's seven year old son Tristan, it was time for debriefing.

Tristan's ride:

Aaron reminded us that we were here to learn how to go fast around a track... a paved track... on a road bike... specifically a race bike. We would be doing this be going around a dirt track... that was at times muddy, at times silty, and at times just right... on 7hp dirt bikes... with street tires... and drum brakes. I was confused.
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