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Originally Posted by elan View Post
This could go for any bike, but I have a T800, so I'll post here.

I bought my bike used from a private party in a city 100 miles away. I have a Triumph dealer in my own city. I've (and the service manager) determined that my bike falls in the range for the gear return spring replacement TSB. I've talked to the service department, but the "warranty guy" is never there when I roll by. I typically do all my own work, but this is warranty work. In their small defense, the service manager has given me the days the warranty guy works there and when to call to talk to him.

I guess I could do a little more footwork for getting this done by tracking down the warranty guy on the days he is there, but I feel I shouldn't have to. Is this typical of buying a bike at one place and having the work done somewhere else - or is it just my local dealer? If it's the former, that's not very comforting if I run into a warranty issue out on the road.

Are there better channels for this? Or should I keep hounding them?

On a similar note, do I have to "register" my bike with the local dealer with regards to recalls and TSBs? Or is that something that corporate handles? Thanks!
Their 'warranty guy' will take care of approving your bike for age and mileage, and will submit a warranty claim to the manufacturer.

I would either call or email the guy and leave a message to get back to you at his convenience so it can get taken care of. Frankly, I doubt he (nor anyone at the dealer) cares where the bike came from.

Dealers as a general rule don't have the resources to provide really top-notch service. The ones that do are rare and should be admired and appreciated.
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