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Originally Posted by Sutherngintelmen View Post
I could use that.

Some brave mutha cut the catalytic converter out from under my 4Runner this year. Right in front of the house.

Apparently they get a couple hundred at the junk yard for 'precious metals' in there. Cost me 500 and insurance a big chunk - I think it was $2k or close.

Wife and I were headed to a concert fired up straight pipe v 6 and about went through the roof.
About 3-4 years ago, I was able to sell Saab V6 cats for $250 and 4 cyl for $180 because of the amount of platinum they had. I'm sure the guy coming around to the dealer fetched a even better number to whom he sold them to. But now the prices have dropped significantly, and I rarely see the scrap guy anymore. I was also shopping for a newer home about the same time, and came across a few homes that had the copper wiring pulled out of the walls, along with the a/c line sets cut out. I wonder what this next 4 years will bring.
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