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You're not alone here! While I"ve always had slight fear of heights, I think it's gotten worse. I can ride in an airplane or helo, look off a balcony, climb up to my roof on a ladder, but tall bridges (Tampa in particular) make me nervous, and forget about things like roller coasters. A couple years ago, we were in Colorado and drove Trail Ridge Road (in a car). Going up was fine, but going back down was very disconcerting,even though that road is nearly three lanes wide. Funny thing, as a kid of about 12, I went up the old Fall River Road, which is dirt with much steeper drop-offs, and don't remember being bothered. Another interesting point I don't understand, walking a next to a steep drop-off doesn't wig me out as much as driving near one in or on a vehicle. Not sure why. I guess I won't be competing in the Pike's Peak or driving Yungas Road anytime soon.
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