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Originally Posted by dolomoto View Post
I've went on a half-dozen PGR "missions" in GA and SC and have been impressed with the organization of each one.

On another note...

"Combat Vet" means different things to different people and IMO, some folks are quick to throw it out there as if experiencing what they perceive as "combat" somehow adds credibility to what they are saying/posting.

I'm not trying to debate what is real "combat", rather to maybe encourage folks to leave that out of the conversation. Members of this forum whose life experiences have been profoundly shaped by what was seen/did downrange don't necessarily need the label "combat vet" to get credibility.

I still believe in what the PGR has evolved to. This photo was when we stood for Col. Murray.

Why is it so hard to understand the word combat? It means a firefight... I presume you are targeting your challenge to me. I was a scout pilot for 2nd/17th Air Cavalry attached to the 101st ABN division. I saw lots of 'combat' because of the nature of the job. That means shooting at targets and they shooting at me. 4/69-10/70. LZSally and Hue Phu Bai were my bases. The Ashau Valley north to the DMZ was my AO. I was flight class 69-7 and my callsign was Condor 13. You can probably google it.

Fuck you too, you bullshitter...and that is what you are. A worthless bullshitter.
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