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Originally Posted by usgser View Post
Break in: in a nut shell, keep it under 55 mph during break in and don't ride at one speed for any length of time. "Vary your speeds".
Rust? Only rust on my 06 and 011 is on the crap Russian chrome trim bits, I also don't live in the rust belt and ride in salty slush. Since you're in FL, if you plan on running saltwater beaches often expect more rust than normal. Break it in correctly, use it within it's design parameters, maintain it. Live happy.
I'm in S FL and I do see rust spots here and there, hinges, edges of straps, so on. I keep an eye out and maintain a stock of rustoleum flat camo colors

Amazing the way they get better as they wear in. I'm at 7200km and loving it. Do oils at 2500km intervals to keep things happy.

Check out Sovietsteeds on the newbie forum. Lots of questions answered and everyone is willing to talk and give advice.
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