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Originally Posted by JerryH View Post
No offense intended, even if it may have come across that way. I am just getting into long distance riding (relatively speaking) after over 30 years of riding big bikes. I doubt I could even get on a KLR anymore, at least without lowering it, which pretty much relegates it to on road riding. I wouldn't even consider a GS. I do still ride my XT225 a lot, it is a small bike, but those little 125cc scooters are like riding toys. It's a whole different thing. Takes me back to the mini bikes I had as a kid. Not that long ago I would have laughed at anyone who was planning a several hundred mile trip on one. Not anymore. Now I'm laughing behind my face shield on my 125 flying down the road at 50 mph.
Yeah there is something to be said for small bikes. I had a razz as my sole transportation for 2 years there wasn't an inch of oahu that little scooter didn't cover. Nothing like cheap fun transportation. I keep kicking around the idea of getting a Zuma 125. I'd like something just for town riding solo.
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