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Originally Posted by Clockwatcher View Post
I think you are on the right Rick at Cogent Dynamics.....he knows suspension, set mine up with xr600 forks with racetech valves and built me a long travel Moab shock for my TA...........makes a miraculous difference.
I think his website is
Clockwatcher thank you! I have the front end covered thanks to a member on the site (just need to work out the final details) so your input is fantastic. I will contact him tomorrow and see if we can start a dialog on developing an option for what I am trying to accomplish. The fun thing and curse about building bikes is there are a million and one options you can use. I learned a long time ago, when you find something that works or meets your needs, go with it! Analyzing something to death can lead to vapor lock on a project and while I have some time to work on this, I want to spend more time riding than building. .
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