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I owned a '95 Suzuki GS500E. Bought it back in around '97 as a scratch and dent model with a couple hundred miles on it. Didn't look like it had been dropped, just bumped into a few times. It was one of those bikes I wish I had never sold. The Suzuki GS400/425/450/500 were one of the most bulletproof engines ever made. I had previously owned an '80 GS450L, and just couldn't kill it. The E model was also a nice looking bike, unlike the wannabe GSXR F model.

As far as Corbin goes, they will never get another penny of my money. I put a Corbin on a 2001 KLR650, and it was so bad I sold it at a nearly $200 loss, and put the stock one back on. Very expensive lesson learned.
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