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Well after lowering the bike (SPS did the work) last winter and riding it all year i have to say i enjoy the 950SM much better now. The bike just handles better with correct springs and valving for sport riding and the lowering just adds to it. I grunted after spending so much $$$$ on the suspension re-work, but it was worth every $.

Bike just leans and turns so much better and i find i am dragging knee all over the place that i didn't before. If you are thinking about a winter project and you haven't put any $$ into suspension i would recommend it.
Wow, you lowered yours, but I like mine sitting high. I've got a Ducati with Race Tech revalved Showas, and an Ohlins hydraulic adjustable rear, which works real damn good on a smooth road. Real good. But on the KTM, which isn't quite as fast in a straight line as the Duc, it just flat hauls ass on a less than smooth road, the feeling of confidence is extraordinary compared to the Duc. Oh yeah, got some Dunlop Q2s on it last week. Almost threw it into the ground, it turns in so fast now, it just added to the confidence inspiring of the bike.

To each his own. I've got a smooth road bike and a bumpy road bike now. Except my ole lady likes riding the Duc now. I don't think I'll mess with the White Powers on the KTM, I like the way it works. A click here, a click there, and I'm good to go.

Haul ass brothers, it's warm and sunny here this week.
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