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Who makes a TU200?
I never heard of one.
My TU250 has 15,000+ miles on it so far with no issues.
Hell, even back in 1979 I held my Bonneville wide open at 120 mph for 1/2 hour at a time often and I never had problems with it.
I have always run every bike I ever had hard, and never blew anything up except the IT175 that always needed something after every ride, brakes, wheel bearings, crank bearings, reed valves, bore job, it was endless...

Some older bikes, or older designs, would use oil when ridden hard at high rpm's.
My TU uses no oil at all.
Something like a TW200 does not seem to like doing 70 mph screaming for long, but its an old design and it lets you know its unhappy by making noises.

I used to bounce even the Harley off the rev limiter often, no problems...
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