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Faded material?

Hi, I have a question about Kriega products in general.. Why do some of them appear brownish? It's like the black has faded into a browny maroon color, and others are nice a black? I have the R8 Waist Pack and the tool roll that came in it was this faded color.. however the tool roll that I had purchased a few months earlier was a nice black color. I have also noticed this in photos across the intewebs as well. I am going to purchase the awesome Overlander 30 kit real soon and I was really hoping it wasn't faded. I have seen some that are and some that aren't in pics online.

I was wondering why this is, and if it is indeed fading and if it is intentional? It seems really random for such awesome but expensive gear.. I just don't understand why I guess! Am I missing something?
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