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AT after Varadero

aikidimi, stevh0: Thanks for your fast reply.

Well, I’ve ridden a lot last years in Europe with my wife and we have taken long travels on tarmac. The Varadero (with FI) was very comfortable for us, the power was enough all time all situation. The Dero is absolutely fit for me (6’7) with bar riser and higher seat. J

But nowdays I haven’t got enough time for long time travels (kids, work, etc.) therefore the Dero is unitilized. I ride a lot in the city and the Vara is a big pig in traffic. It is a heavy bike. Well, it is born to the long travels not to traffic jam. J

The AT is absolutely old school adventure bike and I like it. It is app. 40 kg lighter than Dero and „only” 60 HP but I think it is better for city traffic and single riding. Well the center of the gravity is higher than her big brother. I have never ridden an AT just sitting on it. I would like to use it for city travels (not too much), and short trips (app. 80/20 % tarmac/rugged roads)

The 850-900 XRV (with +20 HP) would be the best but it is unattainable for me……

I like the Dero too. Reliable but boring. The AT is older, weaker but timless and reliable too.
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