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Poor advice and likely not true. You don't know their offer based on something that didn't happen (had you ridden in an ambulance) and as someone that's worked in the industry for years, it's just not true. An ambulance doesn't automatically add value. What it does do though is cost more, for your insurance company or whoever pays the bill.
From a financial standpoint this certainly makes sense.

On the other hand, you shouldn't be dissuaded from getting prompt medical care if you've had anything more than a trivial off. Having highsided due entirely to my own stupidity, I was distraught at the condition of my bike (1991 Transalp, right side plastics destroyed, otherwise unhurt) but otherwise under the impression everything was fine. I was eventually shepherded into an ambulance by concerned passers-by and later discovered I'd cracked both elbows; it only occurred to me that I might be injured when the paramedics asked me to take my jacket off and I found that I couldn't straighten my arms. I'd even picked the bike up ten minutes earlier.

Shock does exciting things to your judgement; I'm sure that I'd have had a punt at riding home if the Good Samaritans hadn't made me go to hospital and would doubtless have stacked it in a hedge or the front of an oncoming car.

The lesson I've taken away from all of this is that 'always take the ambulance ride' is actually excellent advice, insurance purposes aside.

(disclaimer: we have communist healthcare over here)
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