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Originally Posted by dmac57 View Post
Seriously. Show me the innovation in the Wing. Maybe one of the biggest segments in American touring motorcycles is the torquey geezer glide bike. So, they took an amazing engine and made one around it, effectively building a better American style tourer than the Americans can build. They've innovated the entire X-Glide class and effectively demoted all the paint shakers to fight for 2nd place while simultaneously recalling all those Valk fans they made a few years ago. And if increased sales indicate they could re-open the Maryville plant, so much the better.
Innovation doesn't mean you re-invent the wheel every time.

The CB1100 is clever, but the engine appears to be essentially the same lump from the CB900/750 days. It's not. It's a clean sheet design. The entire engine is a new design. Everything about it is better than the old CB 4's from cylinder plating to trans design to metals used. It's the best kind of walk down memory lane where the bike is better than the old ones it invokes.

I can understand the reskin of the CBR600RR as that market has contracted dramaticallly. It's more than a reskin.

But compare these to the introduction of the Ducati Multistrada, Streetfighter or Hypermotard. With the same old desmo tech? Oh, they me too'd the GS and the Sumo bikes, right! To any of the recent KTMs. Like the Super Dukes that sell in the dozens here? To the K16 Honda had the 6 cylinder touring bike first and still do it better. or the new Wasserboxer. Water jackets. Awesome new tech for 1910.

Things are tough in Japan both post tsunami and post global economic meltdown, but as nice as these bikes may turn out to be, I don't see that any of them will be particularly memorable, and certainly in no way landmark machines.
Don't be that guy. They've released a lot of cool new stuff and shown a corporate flexibility we haven't seen here in years. It bodes well for us all since the competition will have to respond.
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