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It was not my intent to bad mouth GC....just the level of service I have gotten in there just has not been there. Also I like the little guy....I just bought a boss RC3...199 at GC, 199 at the little shop....same money I would rather give to the little guy....but that is just me.

There are actually 2 GC stores in town the shops are very different.....just goes to show it is the staff that makes the difference.

I have also been going back looking at Casino's and Dots.

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I wouldn't write off GC. Keep in mind that some brands require the store to have a fairly large stock on hand which a mom & pop can't always do. Those brands will also void their warranty if you don't buy them through authorized dealers.

Honestly, I have no problems going into a GC with all the other people. I end up walking into the Platinum room wich is usually empty anyway. That's where they keep their more expensive guitars. If anyone's in there a sales person will quickly appear out of nowhere. You can usually get 10-15% off if you ask for it as well. I'd get one sealed though. The ones they have hanging out front get handled a lot.

If I was buying an electric, I'd probably get a Squier Telecaster Classic Vibe Custom and a Blues Junior III tube amp. Or maybe a Gibson Les Paul Junior, Special or a Studio and the same amp. Would be really nice for blues/rock and a solid setup. I recommend not going cheap on the amp as that's another part of the voice of the guitar. A steril amp will make even a good guitar sound bad.

I've thought about getting a Casino but I think I'd want a ES-335 or maybe the smaller ES-339 for some rockabilly action. I keep dumping money into my Les Paul though. I'm thinking about changing the Tone-pro's bridge and tail piece with a Callaham.
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