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Originally Posted by Grainbelt View Post
Put the battery on a tender and stabil in the gas tank, then drain the float bowls, if you're not going to run it til spring.

They sold the bandit with a headlight in other markets, you might be able to get the stock parts still.
I've got a tender that I'll use after I run the stabil through the tank.

I'll most likely go with a Aztec8 headlight set up, or something similar. I was looking at the wiring diagrams and even if it was a naked Bandit headlight, there would still probably be some rewiring done.

Originally Posted by aftCG View Post
I think you were in the cheap bikes thread too, right?

That bike is a great 10 footer, but does look a bit rough up close. Regardless, it's a Bandit and as such is bulletproof. I have no idea what would cause you to sell it next spring, but I'm biased.

It's comfortable and has serious balls, so for me it's a great touring bike.

There are many naked conversions and the maximum suzuki forum will guide you well. For me, it looks great being naked, but the wind beats the crap out of me above 80 for any stretch. Er, km/hr

I'm going with PR3s next because I live where it rains a lot and I don't put my bike away. Battery tender?
The naked conversion is the way to go for me. It's too ratty of a bike to consider putting so much effort into rebuilding the front fairing. I never would have picked out a 1200 for myself I'm really going to shy away from the high, high speeds.

The wheels are coming off tonight so I can get the PR2s mounted tomorrow. Rain? It only rains enough in South Dakota to grow brown grass. You don't like battery tenders?

Originally Posted by YJake View Post

3) Mine has dual-sport bars with hand guards on it, nice upright riding position and less windchill on the hands in winter.

7) If you go nekkid, any cheap windshield will work.

You're gonna love this thing after you sort the carbs and fire it up in the spring. I have a windshield, 45L Givi boxes, and Givi rack with top box for commuting. The bike accelerates the same whether it is naked or loaded with luggage and riding 2-up. Gobs of low and mid-range torque that keeps you smiling the whole way to work!

Best of luck to ya and don't give up on it before you get a chance to flog it hard around the neighborhood! Just don't keep track of your MPG

What dual sport bars do you have on it? The bars I have on it now should be able to be adjusted to the posittion I want them, that's of course one of the next things to get sorted out. In case they don't workout, it would be nice to know what you're using. I'd love to see a picture of your set up, it sounds like how I'd set my bike up for touring.

I'm keeping the bike and not going to sell it. I've sold two bikes that I regretted later, my original B6 and an XS650 chopper (see pic) that I had put a lot of time into. If I need something different for touring or better mpg, then I'll pick up a Strom or cruiser.

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