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Originally Posted by Shoganai View Post
I think I need diodes on the turn & running light wires
You certainly don't need a blocking diode on the running light wire.

If a bike has a single light on the dashboard that serves for both directions, then you may need blocking diodes. If your dashboard has one light for left and another light for right then you're OK.

IF you have only that single dashboard turn light, you'll need to:
  1. make a new ground for the dash light
  2. run each of the turn-signal wires going to the dash indicator through a diode (silver or white band toward the dashboard)
  3. connect the output of the two diodes into the non-grounded side of your dashboard turn light.
Sailah is right that the resistor works but an electronic flasher is a better solution. Search for "solid-state" or "LED" or "low-load"

Your flasher could be 2-prong or 3-prong no matter if it is electromechanical or solid-state. IF you replace a 2-prong flasher with a 3-prong flasher all you have to do is connect the third prong to ground.

I'll stop now, but you may need to look at what your bike has and ask for more details.
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