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Originally Posted by windblown101 View Post
Don't get me wrong, I'm a firm beleiver in ATGATT, however beleiving that non ATGATT riders are making stupid choices compared to yourself is pretty short sighted and requires not looking into the mirror too closely.
I think it just comes down to freedom of choice. You should have the right to wear what you want. If you want to wear just a thong at a track day, well, hey, if the owners of the track allow it, go for it. But, on the other hand, if I think your a dumb ass for doing it, well I have that right as well.

There are always going to be decisions made by others that other people are going to criticize, I thing the events of 2 weeks ago are proof of that

I had an interesting discussion with a good friend a few weeks ago. He believes that coal power needs to be eliminated because of the health effects. Not only to people who may breath in the particulate matter the power plants produce, but that upwards of 30,000 people a year perish in the mining of the black stuff.

Interesting thought, okay, lets examine the 30,000 people who die/year in mining, first of all, the vast majority of that number is not in the USA. Maybe a few hundred in the US, secondly, who is he to tell the people who mine for a living that the risks they assume in their jobs to feed their families is unacceptable to HIM. He never did respond to that point.

I think it is fine for him to think and say they should not mine, just as I think it is fine for us to think and say you should wear gear, but it is also fine for the other person to say, thanks and . Now of course, it is fine for people to criticize us for wearing gear, but at the same time . Living in Texas, if I had a dollar for every time someone asked me if it is warm in there, I could afford a new top of the line Shoei helmet. And my response is almost always, "the concrete does not get any softer when it is warm out". Most people laugh, nod, and walk away.

And with that said, I believe in the individual setting their own standards for assuming risk, for me that includes not jumping out of a plane, riding a bike with most of gear, and if the engineering gig ended, gladly taking a job in the oil/gas/coal industries (in US/Canada of course )

ride safe.
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