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Originally Posted by Tim View Post
Well Donkey Hotey has beaten me to the draw with the MK1 620 Adventure, and the 900 Elefant

So I'll start with previously owned bikes, 2 Caponord Rally Raids

Not rare in Europe but rare in the U.S, 2 Africa Twins

And currently owned, an Aprilia Tuareg Wind


a TDR 250
A collection of Dakar bikes. A man after my own heart. You previously owned those bikes? How could you sell them? It's good that most of those will never get seen here or I'd be more broke than I am now.

For clarity, I must point out that I still own the bikes I listed...along with:

1987 Cagiva 650 Elefant Lucky Strikes Edition: according to a recent conversation with Brian Catterson (a guy with a serious Cagiva problem), the 650 Elefant wasn't nearly as rare in the US as the 900. Maybe true but, only a small number of the black & white Dakar tribute paint jobs made it here.

And of course, the requisite BMW R100GS PD (mine is a 1995). Only a few hundred of these made it to the US each year and while they seem plentiful on this forum, the total number in the US is probably just around 1000 bikes.

Not a Dakar bike but, unusual: 1972 Yamaha Trackmaster street tracker. Not one of the stock-framed conversions but, a real nickel-plated Trackmaster frame, ancient Ceriani forks, a wooden CB750 front brake and a completely ineffective Hurst Airheart rear brake (neither brake necessary if the bike were used the way it was intended). One of my ongoing, nagging projects--it needs a host of things to be redone but since I'm sure the fantasy of riding it is better than the reality, that's ok.

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