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Talking about nationals and or world rounds, do they still have time to change the rules for them?

Well, if they do, I have even less desire to goto one and compete.

But I guess, I am not totaly sure on my stance, if nationals this year, get announced as no stop. I probably wont go (yeah empty threat, because I don't go that much anyway, they are so far away)... BBBBbut I would rather not spend that kind of $$ the 1st year of this IMHO, especially ridiculous rules changes, let them fight it out with you rich basterds (lol) that go all the time...

I think "not stopped" or "Stopped" (foot down or not) is tooo freaking much "judges discretion" and is one of the reason's we moved away from it a while back! Or at least I like to think so... because it makes sense to have don so.

Doing so back in what, in around 96???? It took this BS "was he or wasn't she stopped" from a judge that might see 2 guys ride exactly same, one get fived the other not. It is never perfect but removing yet one more possibility is a step in teh right direction, opposite of what they are doing now...

Plus, they did that for a reason, they even were going to build electrical boxes you hooked to your bike, that would light up if front wheel stopped turning, problem is if I pull a wheelie turn touch my brake, the box would light up even though rider was moving.

Its all going to be turned into nothing but Bullship anyway, if they bring back no stop. it is worse than the "slipped back wards enough to be fived, or lost forward momentum or not, enough to be fived, arguements that depends on how the judge "thinks" he saw, how hard ass he wants to be, plus they cannot be consistent in these calls, they never are. and we're not going to have instant replay for the foreseeable future .

I've been a judge, almost every weekend, and I am guilty of being nicer than I should be. I know that I lets newbies (novice/beginner) more latitude, on slipping or pulling backwards a little bit for any reason, for example... Yet, I also know if you aren't in novice, I am much harder on those riders in my sections I have no idea how others are handling it, but from the few times I dont judge and take my newbs around, many are even more "forgiving", which in hind sight might be allowing them novices false "accomplishment" since they should have been fived, if we strictly followed the rules..

but I always noticed, that these novice guys/gals that don't get the big five, try harder each time, but I don't know if they understand my thinking, and or even know, that when they move up it'll be a five for sure. I fight the need to explain why I didnt five them this time, but most times, I do warn them that "you were damn close to pulling your bike backwards too much, and getting a five" so they know.

This is not a big deal on club events where 70% of the riders are just there to have fun, and learn... But at the big Shows, this is going to PISS (not only me off) but EVERYONE that spends the BIG $ to compete, and get screwed over by undeniably inconsistant judging...

I have a "TRIALS TV" collection, and the one for 06 I think it was, where you watch Dougie and a few riders ride a section "clean" with more stops in them, but Raga (relatively newcommer at the time) got given 3 stop points and if you even run a stop watch, he rode the section in 30 seconds less time than the guys that didn't get stop points... I am a raga fan, but it has nothing to do with Raga, it pisses me off every time I watch that section, and even the commentator says "somehow they charged raga with stop points" Im like yeah, costs him thousands of dollars (could cost you the whole trials to get 3 unearned points you know) to be treated differently than the other competitors, and should NOT ever happen, but it DOES.

So again the "no stop crap was retried, and scrapped yet again, but here we go again! RIDICULOUSNESS!

What you think?
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