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Originally Posted by schnutzy View Post
very interesting, would llove to know more about it, the materials used, etc
it looks like an interesting kit sort of shed
Since I got mine off CraigsList (New old stock), I have found that the original manufacturer doesn't make them anymore. However, they are now made by Duramax. Here is a link:

Mine was originally $1800, I paid $200, minus the base, which was another $170.

The advantage to these are the double wall construction with a firmer vinyl that is much more structually sound than the typical Rubbermaid sheds, and is smooth so cleaning is easier and mold does not stick well, and is easier to clean off.

After I put mine up it rained half an inch, no leaks.

By the way, they say two people, but I did the assembly alone, base and all. It took about 6 hours with the base, 4 for the shed alone.

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