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Originally Posted by Hayduke View Post
My parent's bought a conversion van recently (a 2006 I think). That thing is sweet- 360, super comfy, roomy. Got if for cheap, too.
Jeanne was a soccer mom and had an Astro conversion van ('92?) when I met her in '94 shortly after her divorce from The Kids' Dad.

We drove it from Vegas out here one winter so I could spend Christmas with, and meet her gigantic family.
Epic snow not only over the Rockies....but from Green River to Salina and beyond.
Like 15mph snow in a 2WD van. Took us forEVER to get back to Vegas.

Nice rig though, Capt chairs x4, fold-down bed in back, and a tv for the kids.
It was a horrible winter driver here though, so when we moved here in 2000 she sold it and got an Outback.
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