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Originally Posted by JWhitmore44 View Post
My wife has had several conversion vans. Great comfort for everyone but the driver (well at least in the GM models). If you are long legged there's not much room in the drivers area. To get the seat far enough back to keep my legs from cramping up the steering wheel was miles away My father-in-law had a Ford but I didn't get to drive it enough to know if it had more leg room, they probably do. They actually do pretty decent in snow for a 2 wheel drive vehicle. there's enough weight you don't have to worry about sand bags
My Ford has plenty of leg room; it's the most comfortable travelling vehicle I've ever owned. And with a couple of dirt bikes in the back, plus the BF goodrich a/t's, it does pretty well in snow. Last trip, loaded with bikes and camping and riding gear; 22mpg. (it's a diesel BTW)

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