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My last PG ride was such a fiasco that I have never gone back as it was just too embarassing.

Evidently the Road Captain was supposed to meet with the funeral director prior to the funeral to ascertain the route from the funeral home to the cemetary. He evidently "forgot" to do that. So the morning of the escort, 20 PG members and their rides are lined up at the funeral home. At the conclusion of the funeral the casket was placed in the hearse, which was lined up immediately following the motorcycle line. We all pulled out and headed on what we thought was the route to the cemetary.

I am towards the back of the line when we made a left turn, onto what we thought was the route. Well the motorcycles turned left, the hearse and cars carrying families went straight. Of course the ride captain is not paying attention and just keep going straight, never saw the hearse fail to turn. When he did notice, he decides it is a good idea to have the motorcycle line pull a U-turn and race after the hearse weaving in and out of traffic. When the motorcycle line finally catches up with the line of cars we all go ripping past the funeral procession and take "our place" back at the front. As we are ripping past the cars carrying family member their faces are registering shock and dismay.

It was embarassing that a retired military member, as road captain, could not coordinate such a simple thing as an escort. Once we took the wrong route we could have easily continued on to the cemetary using our route, which would have put us there before the funeral procession. We could have then set up our honor line and presented our salutes and honors as the cars arrived. This would have actually looked like it was planned.

But no, our idiot ride captain had to make us all look like morons. I actually did not stop at the funeral site, but just kept going when everyone else pulled into the cemetary. I was just too embarrassed. That is the last time I rode with that group.

I am all for the Patriot Guard, as they escorted my son-in-law's remains when he came home from Iraq. They did a great job, and they made me proud. Our current group however is just a mess.
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