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Man, at every turn I'm finding a new compatibility problem with the SL motor. The newest issue is with the rear brake pedal. The rear of the engine case near the point on the frame where the brake lever mounts is larger than on the CB cases, and there isn't room for the brake pedal. I was able to get it to work with some cutting/grinding/welding on the CB pedal, though. I had to grind off the front of the lever where the brake light switch went, and I cut off the top of the lever where the brake rod attached, flipped it around, and welded it together. I'll have to figure out where to hook the brake light switch up to, but that shouldn't be a big deal. Here are before and after pictures:

The foot pegs originally were tied together with a solid steel rod that goes under the belly of the bike. Years ago, when I was first stripping the bike of its unnecessary weight I cut this rod out and just had the two separate foot pegs. This turned out to be a flimsy setup, though. They were kind of flexy and the bolts were always coming loose. I thought about getting another set of pegs to put on the bike this time around, so I picked up an extra set from a buddy. Holding them in my hands, I still couldn't get over how heavy they were. One of the things that I love about this size bike is how lightweight and maneuverable they can be. Plus, the new pegs that I had were from an earlier CB350 and the location of the pegs was different. I settled on welding a piece of 1/2 steel tubing between my original pegs where the solid rod used to be. I think that this will be a good compromise between weight savings and strength. It will also be a good spot to mount the rear of a skid plate if I decide to build one. I'm thinking that I will.

I dropped the exhaust at the powdercoater the other day and I ordered the carb flanges for the cylinder head. The bike will soon have carbs and exhaust.
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