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Originally Posted by DustyS View Post
Just downloaded to use on my Droid X. Hope you continue to enjoy your trip, I'm confident you'll fix the radar glitch after you get back - when you do it'll be like an early Christmas present for us all!
As promised...
First thing when I got home from my extended road trip was getting the EMFB "follow me" Nexrad working again.

Actually it turned it to be the second thing since my front tire was THIN and I promised the tire gods that I'd change it asap if only they got me home safe.. they did and I did.

Anyway please, if you have EMFB please test that COMPosite Radar (short range) and BASE Radar (long range) "follow me" is working properly again..
.. I've tested it on three devices and it seems solid
... please let me know if it's working for you.

While tinkering with the code.. I found a few things I might could easily add...
.. i.e. sunrise and sunset for the current location.. (something I always want/need on an extended road trip)
... stay tuned

And, BIG BIG thanks for your patience regarding this untimely outage..
.. believe me, no one missed it more than I on this last road trip
... there is nothing else that works quite like it
(that's why I made it in the first place).

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